About Us

We are a father-son team who have been in the business for over 80 years, specializing in residential construction. We only employ certified subcontractors that have experience in their fields. We always use the best materials available.

We are fully licensed and bonded. Most importantly, we work hard to finish each project on time and under budget.
Harold Albertson
 Harold has been building houses since he could hold a hammer (approxiately 60 years) . He was one of the original brothers of the Albertson Builders who built most of the homes in the Easley-Greenville area. His longevity in the business adds volumes of experience that benefits each of our clients. Although housing trends and designs fluctuate, one constant remains... The desire to build each home as if it was his own.
When not building, Harold raises cattle and vacations in Florida.
Robbie Albertson
Robbie is also a gifted craftsman learning at an early age that quality is more important than quantity. He is meticulous about details and makes sure that every project is one that he would be proud to claim. He is on the job site daily and is not only a contractor, but is also a hands-on builder. In his free-time (that term is used loosely), Robbie is a licensed pilot, high-school football referee, cattle farmer, husband, and dad.
Jack is Robbie's dog and the Albertson Construction mascot, or as Robbie likes to call him, "The Ambassador of Goodwill." He is very friendly to anyone who has food. When Jack is not on the job-site keeping morale high, he likes to eat, sleep, and chase small animals in the yard. However, he usually does the sleeping after chasing small animals.